ClearMeat is India’s first lab-based meat company focused on developing harmless, safe and affordable solutions for the meat industry. Our technology is unique, scalable and optimized to the culinary expectations of the Indian population. We are pleased to offer our validated products to satisfy the expectations of ~ 2 Million Indian non-vegetarians.

The cultivated meat industry has the potential to grow up to a mammoth consumption scale of 65 Billion USD for the Indian Meat Market only. We propose to work under both B2B (Licensing out) with our in-house products which include novel findings "ClearX9™️".

We have already received interest from B2B chains from Israel, Turkey and also India.

Already more than 35 companies are working globally under the alternative meat format. Out of this only a handful (Approx 5) including us are working on animal-based alternatives.

The key challenges involved for animal based alternative is the taste and texture, which we have already figured out from the deep Tech done from the last 5 years.

Our strategy is to use our in-house expertise and early findings along these lines.